Long Hair! :D

I am already 27 years old [do I really need to start my blog with my age?]. 2 years ago, I think I already planned to settle down with my-then-bf [no longer together now], targeting that we are both 27 years of age.

Fast forward [don’t want to dwell on that, nu-uh!]…

I have actually yet to meet that one who finally has the courage to ask me to live with him for the rest of his life [indecent proposals definitely not counted], united in front of God… I know I have met a lot of guys already. Some of them may already be flirting with me, but I just don’t notice [or maybe I try not to really give any attention to them]; some I feel like I’m already flirting with [hala…]; others I just look at at a distance [while daydreaming, hehe!]…

Just when I thought I might be unlikable, and not great, God presents me people [particularly guys] who appreciate the beauty that God gave me… Perhaps He wanted some of His creation to admire His other works, hehe! Why do I say this? Well, 2 guys told me yesterday that I am pretty [one agreed when I said, “drop dead gorgeous”]… Hmm… “Haba ng Hair?!?!”

Again, why am I saying this?

I guess there’s always hope for me after all…

[though I already have sights for that one guy… Oops! Sorry to those attempting… Though I’m open to other offers…]


God bless! đŸ˜€


About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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