Royal Engagement and After Marriage

I have only taken the acronym of the department I am in in my current work. And surprisingly, the words I used are somehow related to the actual meaning of the acronym… 😀

Royal Engagement refers to searching for the right “partner”… The right people to engage with, the right place for this engagement, and the right understanding of what this engagement requires and entails…

After Marriage, after all the preparations done during the Royal Engagement, this is where everything should be maintained. Here, after looking for the right partner, you do what you can to keep it, and maintaining a good relationship.

Hmm… did I even make any sense here?

So far so good, I’m happy with my work… Super happy… The people are nice, the company is very generous and stable, and I hope to stay here until I retire… God-willing!

About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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