>tried for happiness

> We can never really rely on anyone for our own happiness. This I have learned a long time ago, but often forgets practicing it. We should be happy even when we are alone, meaning, even if we are not in a relationship. We should know how to be happy on our own, and that we should only take those people or those things that make us happy as the surprises we receive whenever…

However, I may have forgotten about this last week…

He was someone who has admired me from afar, someone whom I didn’t really have any idea even existed, up until December last year. When I finally took notice of him, I thought that he was cute, but I still set my sights for someone else. He was a bit persistent, and even came in too strong for me when we were already communicating. But I have changed my mind about him when I found out that he was supposedly a good person…

And he actually is… I think things were a bit rushed, that in a week, I have actually liked what I knew about him so far… But there was this bad feeling inside of me that maybe I don’t deserve this kind of kindness and happiness. At least, not just yet…

I knew he still loves someone else. As a friend or as a lover, I’m not really sure. But he loved her enough to tell me that he’s confused and undecided about pursuing any relationship with me. At first, it was actually a slap on my face, but I knew that these are things I need to know this early, before even any deeper feelings develop… and so I appreciate what he did more than I actually imagined I would…

To that person I have always enjoyed getting affectionate hugs from: I hope you find what you are looking for, know it when you see it, and have God’s guidance to get it and Keep it… God bless you…

About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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