Change will do you good…

I have been experiencing a lot of changes in my life lately. A couple of good ones, a little bit of bad ones. But I believe that all these changes are for my own good.

My new job has been the best so far. I have discovered that I am actually a workaholic when I really like what I’m doing, or when I’m actually pressured to work [not the case when I was still doing my part-time writing: no pressure there…] I missed being pressured, and having so much to do. Every new task was welcomed. 😀

Or maybe I’m enjoying the distraction so that I wouldn’t be thinking much about “other aspects” [which is definitely another story]…

Then there is the anticipation of walking along the beach again after almost a year of being land-bound… hehe! In 3 weeks, I’d be strutting my stuff along the beaches of Boracay… But before that, I would have to prepare my bod… I need to firm up my abs and lose at least 5 lbs… another weight loss? that’s a good change still… 😀

hmm… i think i already got distracted with my chatting with so many friends, I actually forgot what I’m really writing about… I think I’ve been changing the course of this blog… Hmm… change is good… 😀


About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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