>Almost 7 years…

> I have been blogging through Multiply for almost 7 years already… And I must say… I haven’t friggin’ changed! Topics-wise, thoughts-wise… Freaky! It’s like I never matured! (okay, now I’m sounding like I’m still 20 years old…)

Then I got to look at old journals, and it’s the same friggin’ sh*t each time… about boys… no wonder I can’t seem to live without them… Brrrr…

Okay, so the difference is, I now feel like I’m closer to the One who created me and the boys I talked about in my blogs… That instead of problems, I now see some of them as blessings… and some of them are, surprisingly, inspired by me… Awww…

Okay, blabbing again, I should shut up now… and rest… Brrr!


About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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