>Freakin’ Headache!!!

> (Blogger’s note: this is not meant to disgust or even freak out my admirers, though I hope to drive the stalkers away… hahaha! Be forewarned… )

I had a delayed pre-menstrual syndrome. The things I’m supposed to feel before my monthly visitor arrive a week late; no wonder I felt no warning when I had my period last week. Aside from the irritating cough I’ve had since the weekend, and my recovering vocal chords, I have a terrible headache, and a freakin’ mood swing… The bitch is out…

Got my purple singlet, purple free bag, and a box of Athena… Get ready, 2333 bibber!

Now, what’s my run on Saturday gotta do with my running away from this phase?! err… all of a sudden blabbing without sense… Freaking Headache!!!


About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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