Cloud 9… :D


Yup, I was that “on high”… Giddy and all…

To those who saw how I got the widest smile I can ever have on my face in my entire life [exag!!], please bear with me… I can sometimes be so unaware of some of the other things that happened around me earlier this evening [aside from the fact that my bladder was just below its maximum tensile strength], when I’m at a high.. 😀

Need I say more? Hmm…

Let’s just say I made the utmost effort in my singing today… I really felt that I had put so much stress on my vocal chords and my voice box during the 3 sessions on the Feast today. I felt my voice crack and falter at some high points [where usually it was effortless], but it was all good… I really enjoyed it… I felt so energetic in singing on stage! Loved the musical arrangement of the band on the fast songs, making me really dance to every beat…

It’s like icing on the cake… Then there was the cherry on top, that sent me skyrocketing to Cloud 9…

Haha! That’s really all I can say for now…

Hahaha! I’m still blabbing!! I know that God will definitely shower me with blessings my entire week… He blessed my Sunday… 😀


About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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