>The proof of Spiritual Growth is Acceptance… not Annoyance…

> (Blogger’s Note: I’m just done with the angelic and giddy blog that I appropriately posted in my “Divine Helpings” [as the feeling during that moment was divine… :D]. Now, if I’m to do a blog with the title above, it could’ve been an entry I could post at FeastAlabang.com, but this is “Angelic Bitchiness”, so what I’ll write here, in connection to the title, may not be appropriate for the Feast… This is all bitch..)

When I heard this statement, the one I aptly used as a title for this entry, I suddenly remembered a few self-righteous people I have encountered the past year, till early this year… hahaha! Nope, can’t sue me for libel, I’m not mentioning any names… See, first paragraph, and it’s all bitch!

Hay! I really felt my blood boil earlier on stage, timely enough when we were reminded about having encountered difficult people. I now know that they were the difficult people I remembered. Hay! Having brain damage and all, I wonder if they are still using their Christian-beliefs crud in enticing people to join their group. waaah!!!

Sorry, Lord, just couldn’t help myself. I honestly like it when I’m being bitchy about them. Now, if they get to read my blog, if they are who they say they are, they should not be annoyed. Else, they’re not spiritually mature.

Okay, I just proved that I’m not that spiritually mature, for coming up with some lame excuse to bitch around. well, I have a long way to go… at least I’m not being so self-righteous… too close for comfort.

I’m blabbing again… Back to the divine… 😀


About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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