>After Boracay…

> So it was my first time to go to Boracay, in my entire life. It was so far the longest time I was able to stay in one Visayan island in one trip [second was Iloilo]…

Actually had a weird stay… My officemates actually saw it. They saw and felt that I was depressed when I was there. I couldn’t really explain it myself. Why I seemed depressed, why I wasn’t in the mood to party… Maybe it was just that: I was not in the mood…

I was in Boracay… But my mind was some place else… Hay…

I was supposed to be enjoying, trying out things, having a good time… But I wasn’t… Though you wouldn’t really see it in the pictures… I guess I can always put up a good front… [I hate being pretentious…]

But then again, this actually gives me a reason to go back to Boracay. Perhaps with a group of my closest friends. Maybe with someone special. And hopefully not in Station 3… Hahaha!

About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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