My Passion

[Blogger’s note: This was first posted in back in March]

I used to have difficulty in pinpointing what I’m really good at, what I am actually passionate about, and what I can really dedicate my time and my life to. Three vague things come to mind: Love, Music, and Writing.
When the topic of conversation is about Love, particularly Romantic love, I would be one of those who often had so many opinions and advice about it. Having read a lot of self-help books on relationships, I have developed and stored enough “Love knowledge” to pass around. Friends would catch some quotable quotes from me, based on how I reminisce an experience, remember a past love, or talk about things or people I’ve had strong feelings for.
I cannot go about my day without listening to Music. I love listening to songs, though I have my preferences: Soundtracks, EmoRock, Alternative, Contemporary, and Christian. Since I love to sing, I often listen to songs that I think I could sing, dedicate to someone, or impart values with.
I am not an established writer, like I don’t have printed and published works. But I have had my share of published posts, articles, and descriptions in the internet. I was a part-time writer for 6 months, all the while maintaining 3 blog sites and keeping a journal.
Then, it hit me. That one passion that unifies these 3 vague things together is my love and service to my Almighty Father.
When I think about love, I think about how God manifests Himself in all the lovely things we see, hear, or experience. When I think about feeling love, I think about how God outdoes Himself each and every day He bestows blessings on all of us. When I think about sharing love, I think about how God not allowing us to outdo His kindness by giving us everything we ask for, everything we hope for, and even those things that are good for us but never thought about asking Him.
When I sing with the Music Ministry, I think about how each interpretation of the song demonstrates my Love for the Lord. When I sing with the Chorale, I think about how each song speaks to everyone listening. When I sing, I sing it with love, with all my heart.
When I write, I think about my experiences and how these have been affected by my belief and love for the Lord. And now, as I write my first blog for this website, I think about how readers would feel God’s love. I think about how I could share with other people how God manifests His love to me and write about it to inspire them.

Now, I write about that one unifying passion that others can also adapt in their lives, that passion to serve and glorify our Creator, our Almighty God.

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I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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One Response to My Passion

  1. Hi, I found your blog this morning by searchin wordpress for “faith” & found it to be inspiring. I’m still working on my voice for my blog, & I share your faith in God. It’s nice to see someone who clearly knows what they’re writing about & why!

    Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂


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