If I could lead worship…

It has been a thought that occupied me a few times before. Being usually assigned as a lead singer for the Feast somehow exposed me to the different styles of worship leaders, and I thought, if I could lead the congregation into worship, how would that go?

I have opened up this thought with one of my favorite worship leaders (who is also a facebook friend), and asked how they get to do it. He said that there should be a communication between the giver of the talk for that week, so that the worship would jive in it. Though it is not usually the case, as one of my worship leader friends told me.

Anyway, as a lead singer, I first thought about what songs to include in a worship that I would lead. I, of course, would include favorite songs, especially those that go close to my heart. Those that give me goosebumps, but those that can also have a unifying theme… well, here are some of my song choices for full worship:

1. Blessed be the name

2. Mighty to Save

3. Awesome God

4. Your Love is Unconditional

How I could make these songs work, to effectively worship God and get the whole congregation to do so, only God knows and only He can help… When that time is for me to lead worship, only God knows. When I’m ready, I would know… 😀


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I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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