>removing toxins

>The past week proved to be my busiest so far. I went in and out of the office for warehouse visits, field work, and lessor meetings. and after work, I went to the Feast Center for meetings and practices. There was only 3 days of work this week, and yet I feel the most exhausted. I should’ve gotten used to having just 4 hours of sleep a day [not healthy, I know!], but this week, I was so super tired that even an extra hour of sleep couldn’t make up for it.

There was also a change in my eating habits. I became so acidic again [felt it through my acid reflux, terrible!] that I had to drink milk [low fat, if not soy]. I have a dose of Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt (not the ones with jelly, don’t like it) everyday, and didn’t each much rice (unless it’s the only thing left to eat). One time, I was too busy and to lazy to eat, I just had a yogurt drink and some Fita for lunch.

And then, I had to share with a sister-in-Christ a long letter of bottled up feelings. I was supposed to write to someone, but eventually erased the draft because of the realizations I had while emailing with her. I owe her a BigMac for her help. As part of my removing toxins, I would be removing some people from my friends’ list [sorry…].

I had to do the task above for my own good. If I don’t do it soon, when will I? I had to get rid of that bottled up toxin, that could be causing my acid reflux, sleepless nights, and unnecessary escapes to the mall, the coffee shop, and the drug stores…

You are one hell-of-a-toxin, Man… Booshing! (gun shot). Shoo!


About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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