toxically eventful to cleanse the mind, heart, and soul…

I wasn’t supposed to open any SNS this week because of my busy schedule. Still, I had to indulge myself in just a day of rest. Just half a day to be exact. Hmm, maybe I got around 24 hours, so it’s considered an entire day na rin… whatever…

I went home early yesterday, carrying both my laptops PiCassy and McDoVo (shortened, lenovo company laptop), which kinda slowed me down, as they were heavy. I left the office at around 2pm, and walked toward Ayala Station, got there after 30 minutes, i think (when i usually take 15 minutes tops). I carried PiCassy, thinking I would be heading to San Beda after work for the skit practices for the Lenten recollection. But when I got home, I again had the nastiest headache that I had to text Bro. Jay and Sis Charm that I’d be resting this one out. I got home around 4pm, dressed house clothes, watched some “Glee”, lied on the sala sofa, and dozed off.

Woke up at around 8pm and began to surf channels (not much of them without cable), but all the while thinking about things I had to do from Thursday till Sunday.

Now, Thursday. I excused myself days before in attending the Lenten Recollection in San Beda, so I could attend the Lenten recollection in St. Peregrine and the supposedly Practice reading for all the servants on Easter Vigil (I’m one of the 5 lector/psalmists for that). My mom didn’t bother waking me up because she knew about my headache, and because she also suggested that I should just rest instead. I still have my 6pm service later anyway. We supposedly have a chorale practice also, but I wasn’t able to attend.

Friday. I have to be in San Beda at 7:30am. I’ll be one of the lead singers for the worship service by Bro. Jay, and I have to stay for the skits also. I have to race back to St. Peregrine for the 7 last words, as the chorale is supposed to sing during the service. I’m not sure what time we are estimated to sing. I’ll just text ate lei when I get to the shrine. Then there’s the service for the veneration of the cross.

Saturday. Again, morning in San Beda. After the Lenten Recollection, I don’t have anything on my plate until 8pm, which is the Easter Vigil.

Sunday. I have an early easter service, 6am mass. I’ll be bringing clothes to the shrine, so I could change before heading to SMX for the Full Life Grand Easter Feast Celebration of LOJ. It was a good thing that Tita Belle didn’t sign us up for any service, as it would definitely wear us all out. Retail therapy won’t be a solution for me that day, even if it’s near Mall Of Asia. I need my rest.

Despite this busy schedule, I should still set aside some time to reflect. Holy week, the lenten season, are days of somber and of reflection. Would love to watch tv, or listen to secular music, but those would be the things I’ll abstain from. oh, and also thinking about people that should not matter anymore [now that’s another blog topic]…

I don’t mind getting this busy this week because of work and service. It’s all for the Lord. After all, we’re supposed to tithe 10% of everything we have, and that does not only include the money we earn, but also the time we spend and the talents we have. For this Holy week, I would get that much needed time for the Lord, and at the same time, cleanse my mind from insignificant worries, cleanse my heart from unwanted and bottled up emotions, and cleanse my soul to accept more love and have more understanding…

Silence… Reflection… God’s presence… Savoring it.

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I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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