>said… then, done…

> I have been contemplating about it for a few weeks. I know it was something I should do, the soonest, the better. Been composing a very long letter for someone whom I really care for so dearly, but haven’t had the guts [and even the right] to tell him so. After much careful thought, I decided not to send it, for fear that it would further diminish a relationship that was actually barely even there.

I’ve looked at that memo in my Blackberry, for P**, over and over, revising it with every browse. Adding here, deleting there, reading it over and over. And I’ve had 4 people read it, all girls, all coming from different backgrounds, all saying different opinions.

Ultimately, it was my decision not to send that letter, and eventually deleting it.

Not me…

Not my cup of tea…

Not for me…

Not the best thing to do…

But it was exactly what should be…

Now, there are only 3 words I’m left to say… those are…

“I’m sorry… Goodbye”

About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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