>By Myself

> I was on my way to SMX this morning for the Full Life Grand Feast celebration. I was by myself: my mom did not join me this year because she had service. I was not even sure if I should come today.. I was avoiding to see someone. Which is actually a bad excuse for not coming.

I did not go to SMX for this person. I’m going to hear God’s word, to worship, to give thanks, and to pray. I should not let petty things hinder me in giving my service to God. Other things, if not done for the Lord, can be considered insignificant.

And worrying about seeing this person should be insignificant.

I will get pass thru this phase. I brought this upon myself. I should be firm with my decision. To let go and let God.


When I got to SMX, I was happy to find other people whom I got to sit with, hang out with, and go home with. See? God provides. He doesn’t want me to experience it alone. He doesn’t want to go through it by myself. He manifested himself through the people I was with the entire day.

What made this day a bit more special was when I saw this guy I’ve been setting my sights on for quite sometime. Hoped to give him a hug, and get one back, but he stood from afar. It’s okay, seeing him was enough. My prayers would just include being with him someday, if God wills it… Hehe!

For these things that happened to me today, I am forever grateful… And definitely forever blessed… I’m so happy to have a God that is so my fan! I’m truly so blessed!

About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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