Sunday… :D

Sunday is the first day of the week. I start my week by going to Mass (much better if I’m a lector/commentator) attending The Feast (as a lead singer or in the chorus). It’s a good habit, as it makes me start the week by devoting time, and day, for my God. I would relax, free myself from stress, relieve myself of pressure, and just enjoy God’s creations, while offering up to God my treasure and talents…

Sunday is the day of hope. Didn’t Jesus rise from the dead on a Sunday? Didn’t we realize salvation when Jesus overcame death from the cross, and was resurrected to fulfill God’s promise of redemption from sins? And I know, my Sunday, the day when I will rise from my slump and from that moment of death, is coming!

My Sunday from my pressures at work is coming! I will meet all my targets, my rent negotiations, reductions, asset disposals, and all the requirements needed for me to secure my regularization, and job tenure. I claim that I reach the retirement age working for, if not already reaping benefits from, this company I’m currently working for.

My Sunday for my emotional pains and struggles is coming! I have been meeting a lot of guys, both wonderful and awful (sorry), and gives me a sense of hope that, as a wonderful creation of God, I will also meet another wonderful creation of God. We will unite, and will serve God together.

My Sunday for my health concerns is coming! I am starting a healthy disposition in life and partner it with positive attitude. I would start my days with a smile and end it with a smile. I am running, for life, for love, and for faith. I will maintain my physique, a temple of the Lord. I will take care of my body by giving it enough rest and exercise. I will think great, feel great, and be great.

I just can’t wait for Sunday!


About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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