>Chivalry Must Be Rotting in Hell

> [Blogger’s note: the draft of this blog was written last Monday, May 2nd, 2011]

I have yet again immersed myself in a rather compromising situation. Thanks to the memo pad application of my Blackberry, I am able to bitch anytime, anywhere, and about anything and anyone.

So for this edition of my still angelic bitchiness, the bitch in me still dominates…

I am currently standing along the aisle of a bus traveling straight to ayala (as it is a convenient bus to ride in terms of the reduced number of riding and alighting vehicles). I would’ve been able to endure the standing bus ride, as it somehow exercises my occasionally painful left knee, and my meniscus tear stricken right knee… But something made it a little intolerable.

I am beside an old man. Nothing wrong on the outside, this man’s not DOM material. But man o man can he keep his mouth shut! No, he’s not talking loud. But he’s breathing through his mouth. Deep breaths. I dunno if there’s actually something wrong in his respiratory system, I would’ve forgiven that. But no!

If I had a doublemint, I would’ve given him the entire pack. Or, if there was still some space, I would’ve moved myself to another area in the bus…

Bitch-mode on over-drive, exceeding maximum limit:
Now, currently the ratio of male and female who are sitting down is 3:2… Wait a minute. Okay, so there are 57 people sitting down (5 in a regular row, 6 on the last row, and 2 near the driver). Eliminating the extremes, there are actually 33 males sitting, and 22 females. Now, there are actually 8 of us females standing (ughh! Can smell stinking breath [immediately checks for own breath for any stench]). If only 8 men sacrificed standing up for the sake of these ladies (including yours truly), there will one less bitchy blog written for today…

Divine-angelic-heavenly-being takes over:
My sincerest apologies… My alter-ego did not attend the Feast yesterday. She was busy avoiding people and responsibilities…

In defense of the men sitting down, they did not ask these ladies to ride the bus, especially when they knew upon riding that it’s standing room only. These men are providers in their home, and toiled even during the weekend, that they’re only extension of the limited time of rest they had was during that bus ride, sitting comfortably, maybe even with guilt upon seeing those ladies standing during that at least 30min bus ride.


Now, didn’t I say I’m a girl full of contradictions? You can even see it in my blog…

Still, God bless everyone!

Sorry, I spent my bus ride bitching, instead of just concentrating on my listening to songs of praise and worship…

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I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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