No Longer A Slave

I am already more than 3 months in my new job. Before this one, I was briefly employed in a company whose policies really sucked. Basically because they believe so much on how well they manage their employees that their company policy is more than just a manual for the employees: it’s supposed to be their Bible. And they, for that matter, are supposed to be the gods…

I’ve been keeping tabs with some former officemates, and have heard that things are still the same. After I left, I think things got worse for some. I heard some filing of law suits, resignations, and inhibited frustrations… I feel for them, however, I got the courage to stand up for my rights: right to express myself through my blogs and through my faith.

I wish I could just get them all out from that hell hole. I just couldn’t believe that those self-proclaimed Christians have not been fully practicing their faith. Their all candy coated in church, but are not living out their Christianity to the outside world.

I believe my former bosses are good people. I believe they are good providers, good servants, and some might even think they are good bosses and leaders. However, I think it would take too much effort from them to be Nice… Being good is one thing; being nice is another. They are definitely far from being the latter.

What kind of boss, in the right mind, would consider AWOL an employee who has filed leave days before actually taking the leave? What employer freezes the accounts of their employees “just because?” What boss meddles on their employees’ affairs, even when its done outside the office, beyond work hours, and especially unrelated to work, without the employees’ consent? What kind of boss would consider grounds for libel a blog that has neither a hint of the company name nor the name of the bosses? Or grounds for termination blogs that were not directed to them, but made them gravely affected? What Christian bosses treat their employees slaves?!

Breathe in, breathe out…

The proof of spiritual maturity is acceptance, not annoyance…

I would say I’m not really annoyed, but what these people do to their employers are definitely unacceptable.

To all my former officemates who have shared their bits and pieces of horror experienced while in that office, rest assured that your voice will be heard. Your efforts would not go to waste. And you will be paid what is due you…

May God bless more those who toil their hardest without commendation, without ample compensation, without consideration of their welfare, and with so much prejudice and discrimination.

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I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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