Act Your Age (or Beyond)

I once had an interesting chat with a very good friend that made me learn about myself more. Sometimes, it really takes other people to show a side of you that you have not noticed or often overlooked. Perhaps it’s a part of your personality that you deny and don’t accept. Oftentimes it’s a shameful characteristic that you don’t acknowledge.

What I learned from my friend isn’t something I should really be ashamed of, but is something that (weird if you really think about it), I often deny, and maybe sometimes don’t accept of myself. I was told that I need to act my age.

When people ask me how old I am, I answer back with a question, “what do you think?” And when they tell me 23 or 24, I would often feel flattered that they think I’m younger. I would think that I look younger. Well, I’m turning 28 this year. And if they think I’m still 23 or 24, or even younger, herein lies the conflict.

After my conversation with my friend, it isn’t nice to be mistaken as younger. People think this way because I act younger. I act childish. I seem immature. That’s not good. Why?
1. People won’t take me seriously.
2. People would treat me like I’m still a kid.
3. I would attract younger, childish and immature guys.
4. People would think I’m not fit for anything requiring maturity (related to #1).

As a 27-year old, I am expected to be mature, smart, dependable, independent, and graceful. I actually am, but my childish ways overpower the woman inside of me. It kills the grace, ruins the child-like tendencies. People would think twice to run to me for advice or to turn to me for some responsibilities. I will be underestimated.

In the first day that I tried to keep my poise and grace as this mature woman that I am, I felt a little conscious, and my friend noticed. I was conscious, and I guess I was a little subdued because I wasn’t feeling too well also. And somehow I felt I wasn’t myself.

But then I felt, I am Mary (well, my first name is…), and I was named after the most graceful, the most obedient, and the most conscious (if I may say so) woman that ever stepped this planet. A woman, who, only in her teens, exhibited grace, maturity, & dependability, when faced with that responsibility of carrying the Son of God in her womb. That great mother who was subdued to fulfill what the prophecies have said, and to have it done to her according to what the angel told her. Well, you know who she is… And she acted beyond her age, so why can’t I?

I am a lover of the Lord, and a devotee of the Holy Mother. May other people see the Lord through me, and see Mother Mary in me.

God bless!


About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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