Look My Way…

I would sometimes look at you, but you never look my way
I would wish for that one smile, but you don’t give it away
I would sometimes wonder how I could get close to you
I’ve written down a list of things, but they seem so hard to do.

I may not really be trying hard to ever get your attention
It just seem so impossible at this point to even feel some affection
I resolve to writing and praying, wishing and hoping day and night
That you would one day look at me, even just someday once you might…

Calling out to the holy powers as I approach the day I set
I’m suddenly reminded that true love’s not for a bet
Whenever desperation comes, I only need to pray
And just a simple line would do, such as “look my way..”


About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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