Happy Crush

(Wrote the draft for this blog last Wednesday…)

This is my most favorite term of all. It is redundant, but it’s all good. Having crushes are fun, exciting, and leaves you feeling great. I don’t think I have ever heard of a sad crush before. But sometimes, when you have expectations from a certain crush, it makes you sad once these expectations were not met. Okay, I’ll now call disappointing turn outs from crushes to be the sad ones…

Why am I all of a sudden just writing about crushes anyway? Well, first of all, I have a couple of them. From all walks of life: in the community, at my subdivision, at work… (uhm, let me check the last one… okay, done, yup! but he’s not in the office as I write this… hehehe!) Second, I’m thinking about one of them right now (although as I’m writing this, I am all of a sudden thinking about all of them… hehehe!). Third, hmm… i don’t think I have a third.

Hmm… maybe, I’m just pumped with oxytocin from the donut I ate.

Oh well, back to work! Lunch break’s almost over…

About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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