Serious but Happy Crush…

While waiting for my laptop to restart and configure, I would like to take this opportunity to just share a giddy feeling I have had since this morning.

I have noticed the difference on how he looks from last week to this morning. No noticeable change really. Maybe it’s just me all of a sudden having a happy crush on this guy…

The slightest and briefest (hmm, I don’t think there’s such a term) interaction causes me to nearly palpitate because of kilig, and the smile on my face just might give an impression to anyone that I’m crazy. Short of being the third alter ego of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, lady version. Crazy and scary!

The *kilig moments* I shared on my twitter account was testament to the overflow of uncontrolable giddiness, that I just had to express before it explodes out of proportion. Hahaha! My fingers just keep on typing the qwerty pad on my BB… Manifestations of the kilig on my fingers… Hahahaha!

About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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