Dreamt of You…

Fortunately I am able to access my blog in the office, that I am able to compose one during lunch. I still have a few minutes to spare, after stealing a few minutes of sleep. (Still feeling tired after the almost-4-hours of cheer dance practice last night, for our Sportsfest 2 days from now.)

Okay, so the reason I am again tapping my fingers, this time on my McDovo (instead of BB) is because of a dream I had during that few minutes of sleep. It was about my happy crush… Hmm, let me review if it’s the same happy crush I wrote about a few posts ago…

Okay, so it’s a different crush… (so what if I have a few?!)

Anyway,  the only thing I can remember from that dream is how he weirdly just appeared in it, and in particular, in our office! Oh my, it was really so unlikely! I almost wanted to wake up, or get up from my seat just to check if he was actually in the reception area, hopefully waiting for me, hahaha!

I wonder when I will be seeing this happy crush again… Haven’t seen him in a while… I need a break from work and from some of my services… Hanging out with him would definitely be a welcomed one… Even if we just sit in silence, it would be like the best conversation we’ve ever had…

About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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