One shortcoming, a blessing long coming… :D

I am not a complainer. Not usually, I mean… I have other means to which I divert my energy for complaining to something else that’s productive. I have my whims, which I contemplate about during my silent time, and during my prayer time sometimes. I always try to find a good thing out of mistakes, errors, and shortcomings… It could be a blessing long coming. I could be talking about my love life, family life, my relationships. But today, I’m writing something different.

What I am going to write about is when one mistake hinders my development.

I started my first driving lesson back in September. It is almost the end of November, and I still have 2 hours. Back in September, I had a good plan. I was supposed to take my lessons in the morning, during office hours, for one week, and just extend my working hours, that instead of working until 5pm, I would stay until around 7 or 8pm. Something I am used to in my previous work.

But I had made a working boo boo, that maybe made my boss think I am not focused on my job. I honestly unknowingly overlooked a problem that caused a delay in processing some documents. I was able to do remedies on it on time, but I was never allowed again to take my lessons during weekdays.

And I can’t do it during the weekends. My Saturdays and Sundays are already devoted to my services at the Feast. That time, I had workshops in The Feast Center for Caring Groups, Recollections, and Classroom Sessions for the Training Ministry. Sundays was all about my Music Ministry service at the Feast, and sometimes, my Liturgical Service in the St. Peregrine Parish.

I was able to do it one Saturday, and then I had to take a leave to get 2 hours done. And I have 2 hours left… 

Because I was also delayed in my lessons, I am still not able to order a car. Now, the Vios 1.3J M/T that I was supposed to get increased prices, from P599k to P614. I’m just praying that there would be a discount. A P30k discount. 30k is not that easy to cash out. I am also now somehow pressured to buy the car before the year ends, for expense management.

Oh well, given the circumstances, I believe something good came out from it, and something will still come out from it. I was looking at just one boo boo, just one shortcoming, and now, i should realize that I actually gained a lot! I am now better equipped to serve the Lord as a CG Head, as a Training Minister, and as a Music Minister. Everything works well for those who love the Lord… 😀

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I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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