Must be an amazing story…

I am amazed at how my boyfriend and I managed to get along despite our numerous differences. He’s almost 4 years younger than I am, that almost a generation separates us (i.e. I was already in college when he was starting high school.) He’s techie, I am a tech-no. He is a programmer/analyst for a bank; I’m a leasing person for a food company. We have so many beliefs that contradict even if we belong to the same faith. And, if I’m a firm believer of astrology, my sign would have been the complete opposite of his.

Yet we manage. We seem okay. We complement each other. My weaknesses are his strengths, and what he lacks, I fill. We may fall short in understanding and consideration at times, but we both believed that what we have would last a lifetime and so we work together to solve whatever shortcoming we encounter…

Looking back at how we used to be just makes us laugh sometimes. He used to be just another servant in the Community we both belong to, and he confesses he had a crush on me (even if he was in a relationship back then). I was sort of chums with his dad and older brother, while our own encounters were limited. He even made fun of me when I got so smitten with another fellow servant who was close to being Johnny Bravo due to his “amour” with girls. While I just asked about his dramatic tweets, expressing an apparently already failing relationship.

Hmm, this is actually the first blog I wrote about the love of my life…

It’s okay… This would be the first of numerous blogs… I would have an entire lifetime with my future partner in life to write about… 😀


About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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