The Family is where it starts

I think i can count with my fingers the number of times I was able to sit through an entire 15-min homily without flinching ang hearing every word being said. Rev. Popong delivered a very wonderful homily in the 6:00 mass in St. Peregrine this morning, very apt for today’s Feast of the Holy Family.

He has explained and intertwined the First reading, the second reading, and the Gospel. In the first reading, he emphasized that children are gifts from God, and that having one is truly a miracle. Children are God’s creation, and how they are formed is His plan. Rev later on relates this to the recently passed RH Bill, where the creation of children is passed on to be Man’s doing, and bypassing God’s role in conceiving them. Makes so much sense, that Man’s rules somehow overrules God’s hand…

In the second reading, he explains that parents are responsible for their children. Now, we all know that, but some don’t realize that the Family is ultimately the foundation of one’s thoughts, attitude, and welfare. Rev then on said that the Family should be athe foundation of God’s love in one’s being. The parents are the first presenters of God’s love to the children.

Lastly, in the Gospel, Rev has pointed out the importance of having Jesus in our lives, in our families. Knowing how important Jesus’ role in their lives is (and not only in the salvation of mankind), Mary and Joseph went out of their way to return to Jerusalem and look for Jesus. I think what our society lacks now is understanding the importance of Jesus in our lives. Therefore, we should all start seeking Jesus, and bring Him into our lives..

I leave the church with a better understanding of how important really my family is, and how important their role would be, when the time comes that I’m building my own family. I better understand that my love should reflect God’s love, and that everything else shall follow..

God bless everyone..

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