Welcome 2013

It’s already past the first 3.5 hrs of 2013.. Can only hear fire cracker sounds once in a while. Not a cause for earplugs..

It has been an eventful 2012. I must say, a lot of dreams and frustrations came to life this year, not only for me, but for my family also..

Celebrated my first monthsary with the guy I hope to be spending the rest of my life with; got to Dance for the Lord the first time.

Got my car on Valentines day, and got to spend that romantic day with my bhie and his family; Had a photoshoot for an inspirational magazine, coming out soon.. 🙂

Watched a concert with my bhie for the first time..

Served as a Psalmist for the first time at church; went to the Grand Feast with bhie and his family, then got to meet some of his relatives; Attended a Worship Workshop for the first time, and was truly blessed.

Returned to Puerto Galera after more than 5 years; Spent my bhie’s birthday, giving him 25 gifts; Attended the LoveLife retreat.

My dad’s retirement, and the gift of our farm in Lucena; first time to lead worship;

Good performance evaluation; improving relationship with superiors at work

Visited the dentist after God knows how long.. Haha! Got to see my parents use their medicards, my way to help in their healthcare..

Served in the LoveLife retreat, got to drive to Tagaytay for the first time; celebrated my mom’s and my brother’s bday for the first time with my dad; played bowling after such a long time..

Became an LO sharer; was issued an iPhone4s; met with highschool friends; renewed my commitment to Mass service as Lector/commentator; my first bday with my bhie, and the first with my dad after more than 20 years; opened an investment account with my dad; joined I-give club.

Kerygma Conference; my first out of the country trip (in Bangkok, Thailand).

2 highschool and college friends got married!! First anniversary with my bf; first Christmas celebration with my retiree dad. First long drive to Lucena.

There are actually so much more that happened, but these are the most memorable.. I look forward to 2013, where I believe more miracles will happen, and more blessings will come. After the firsts would be the seconds, and then the thirds, the fourths.. So on and so forth.

Given these, I would still continue the other activities I have that i didn’t note, like my service, my job, and my other relationships. I am definitely optimistic that I shall receive only the best from God. So most definitely, the best has yet to come.

May everyone have a very blessed new year!

God bless you all..

About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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