Project 52, week 1: Letting Go

For this first weekend of the year (much easier to monitor weekly that daily), I sum up what transcribed during the week as “letting go”.. Weird no?

I’m practically an analyst.. Not with numbers, not with movements, but with written works (though lately, more of posted works). I’ve seen people writing about their goodbye’s to 2012, and their welcoming 2013. They really have interesting messages, but after reading a lot, they basically say just the same thing: they are thankful for the past year, and ready to move on to the next. That was what I did…

I started my work week not at all feeling stressed. Perhaps I still had the good vibes from the rest I had (no work from Dec 22 until Jan 1, total of 11 days), and i made it a resolution to impart positivity.. I somehow thanked my final days from work (before the holidays) because, despite feeling the earlier vacation mode, I was able to compose myself and prepare the things I needed to accomplish once I get back to work. Everything was a breeze. Then, Thursday came..

As a result of slightly working dilly-dally, I somehow overlooked tasks for certain projects, and felt cramped up with tons of coordination and follow ups. It wasn’t physically demanding, as I just went from one cubicle to another, but it was also emotionally and mentally stressful. Not even my mini breaks, to tend on my online games on my iPhone provided me the enlightenment and uplift that I needed.

The worse came on Friday. People were on a dribble and pass mode, for the mentally-strenuous tasks, and since the ball is heading towards me, I couldn’t control my reflexes, and unmindfully assist.

Enough said, i think i blabbed much..

So now, i’m trying and will definitely enjoy my bonding with my boyfriend later. I would like to let go of my stresses from work, and relieve myself first from the stresses the next work week would give me. I want to start really having that work-life balance, by being on work mode at work, and be on relax mode out of work. It should be easy letting go, right?

Then, the next but probably the best thing to do is… Let God..

Yup! Let God…

God bless you all…

About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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