Project 52, week 2: Desserts

So far, this week has been my most stressful. Apart from nursing a clogged and runny nose, I had to facilitate Lessor communications for 2 stores. This is aside from my usual letter-writing, store concern answering, phone call entertaining, daily life.

Before reflecting on the week that was, I have been really stressed to even remember this project I made for myself. I got sick, and was not able to report for work for one dat, which actually proved to be helpful, as i truly got better after.

The past week also was a preparation of my gift for a dear sister’s debutante party. I opted to give her a notebook, and ambitiously written a one-liner or some saying on each page. Unfortunately, I left out a few pages at the end.

When I attended the party, it was really nice. I hope lil sis appreciated my gift..

Hmm.. I am a bit tired..

In summary, i desccribe my week as stressed spelled backwards. It is a dessert i will enjoy after all the main course, after all the big problems..

God bless y’all..


About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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