Where my demons hide. pt. 2.

I used to have a best friend, a girl who lived 2 houses away. We would often share toys, but, whether the toy is hers or not, she would always pick for her the better looking, the cleaner, the more decent, the less crumpled… and that would leave me to the rejects.

One time, we were to play over at my house. Since I already knew she’d pick up the nicer toys, I have already segregated them beforehand, and getting the better ones for myself. She didn’t come to play with me that day.

When we started going to school, we already did not see each other often. She would be sheltered by her gay granpa, and would be instilled the discipline of going home after school, and going to bed not later than 9pm on a school night.

Highschool and college has come and gone. I have heard of her going abroad, working in Qatar. Eventually, she met someone and got married here in the Philippines. My mom told me that our common neighbor (the one who lived in between our houses) was invited to the wedding. My mom wondered why so, as I was closer to her than to that neighbor, yet I wasn’t even invited in the wedding.

I never knew how she is now. I couldn’t find her in Facebook. We haven’t been in touch for almost a decade (or maybe more)…

I envy those people who have known some friend for almost all their life. While I mostly have estranged ones.

And that is where some of my demons hide.. in seemingly broken friendships… i sometimes wonder how long the people, currently in my life, would stay, and how would I keep them, so they would stay..

… to be continued…


About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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