The 3rd definition of Average in Webster’s New World Dictionary is “usual and normal kind, amount, quality, rate, etc. ”

Operative words: usual and normal.

Usually in the middle: below ABOVE-average, or above BELOW-average.

Usually requires the not-so-simple or the not-so-complicated.

Usually neglected because of its location in the order of things: not too special to be noticed, nor too unfortunate to be needing help.

But I believe, it is the average people that God blesses the most. Why?

God gives them enough perseverance to take on anything and try making things better for them. God gave them the eye to notice that some people are worse off. God allows them to show kindness without appearing too showy, but God allows to show just enough..

To be continued.. sleepy.

About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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