Mitty (may contain spoilers)

It has been a while since I’ve watched any Ben Stiller-starred movies. More often that not, he would play in Rom-Coms or Slapstick ones. But “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” is different. Maybe because he directed it also.

I would not try to spoil the movie by relating scenes from it. But I would like you to understand it without analyzing it much. It kinda took a joint effort with my boyfriend to realize stuff in the movie, ahehe!

The movie is about life. It would tell you so many times though not directly. From Life Magazine to Life Online, it pretty much tells us how life transitions: from old to new, from past to present to future.

The movie is about Living. There are moments in the film where you would find Walter all of a sudden spaced out, stopped at his tracks, and imagining things. He would often go back to reality when someone pokes at his forehead, or speaks loudly near his ear. One would realize that it wasnt a dream anymore, when these things took place but he didn’t wake up or come to. Because he’s already awake. And one would realize that he’s no longer dreaming because Walter acknowledges that some things are imagined.

The movie is about being alive. More than Life and Living itself, it’s about finding that you need to do things that are uncertain and scary, but you do it anyway, and that makes you feel alive. It’s not about the adventures, but what you become and what you realize in those adventures.

Walter’s adventures started when he came out looking for a film that was delivered to him by Sean O’Connell (Sean Penn), a soughtafter photographer. Negative #25, the Quintessence of Life, is to be the cover of the final issue of Life Magazine. When the negative wasnt part of what Sean sent to Walter during his birthday, Walter went on a search for Sean. He went to Greenland, to Iceland, then to the Himalayas, where he eventually found him, and found out that what he was looking for was already with him the entire time, but he threw it away…

This tells us that sometimes, we let go of things that we thought never serve any purpose, but ultimately saves us in the end.

Walter’s adventures also tell us that in search for something that would give Life meaning, we persevere, going through great lengths to achieve it. Imagine going to a place where only 8 people lived, or getting into a fight with a shark, or being chased by volcanic debris!

After finding the Negative, he went to Life Magazine and delivered it, without looking at what it was. He was one of those laid off/let go by the transition from Magazine to Online.

He only got to see the cover when it was already on the stands. Quintessence of Life, it truly is (spoiler if I say what the actual cover is. Whatthe worth of Walter Mitty’s adventures is.)

Essentially, the movie is about each and everyone of us. Doing the things we usually do. From the most boring tasks, or taking on the most adventurous and sometimes the silliest endeavors. Our life is dedicated to those who are behind all the successes, the failures leading to our triumphs, to people who helped along the way. To those whom we touched but never realized we did. To those who inspired us to take on life as it is.

Overall, great movie. With serious potential for movie/film accolade.

Posted from the HEART, hoping you’d be BLESSED!

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