Fuel and Vehicle

I am reminded of a certain Gasoline brand whose tagline is Fuel Your Passion, when I heard the talk in The Feast today. It is about recreating oneself, immersing oneself in change. And in order to change, to go from one point to another, one has to have 2 things: Fuel and Vehicle.

Fuel is your dream. When you have a dream, it makes you excited waking up each day. When you dream, you hope or wish it comes true. When you day dream, you imagine of good things that happen in your life.

But then, fuel is useless when you don’t have anything to use it on. When you don’t have your object that needs fueling. Your dreams are useless if you don’t do anything to reach it. When it doesn’t drive you to any action. Therefore, you need a vehicle. You need your transportation, from dreaming your dreams, to living your dreams.

Your Vehicle is your successful and powerful habits. When you use your vehicle everyday, when you do little or big habits everyday that is connected to your dream, the Fuel serves its purpose in your life. You go nearer and nearer to your destination.

When you use both your Fuel and your Vehicle, you can go anywhere you want. The possibilities are endless! When you are driven by a passion, by a dream, you become successful. You become the person God wants you to be. The dream becomes real. The dream becomes you.

As you journey through life with your Fuel and Vehicle, you encounter people who share the same passion, who wants to go to the same destination. You, while reaching your dream, help and bless others as they also achieve their dreams.

What I wrote may have been a hodgepodge, and may not have truly translated what Bro. Arun has discussed in the Feast, but i hope for everyone to know, find, and have their Fuel and Vehicle, and have a very meaningful journey through life.

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