I served as the commentator for the 7:30am mass today. I just got home, but I carried with me a certain kind of guilt.

A middle-aged woman, who somehow reminded me of my mom, approached my area and asked if I have an extra misalette. I asked where she was going to use it, because we were not allowed to give one out to parishoners as they are intended for “practice use” of the servants. She said that she was going to use it for their chapel.

Well, I have one, there’s one assigned for commentators, and one for the lectors. When I checked the “supplies” area, there wasn’t a copy of an English Misalette, only Tagalog ones. So I told her that there weren’t any extras.

When she left, I then asked myself whg I didn’t give my copy. I felt like I was clouded with selfishness. Then remembered that I just throw away my misalette when I’m done with service. Gaaaaah! I could’ve helped that chapel in their service!!!

To that lady who seemed very nice when she approached me, I just want to say sorry. I should’ve given you my copy. I’m sorry I deprived your chapel an instrument to bless other people with God’s word. I’m sorry to have failed your community by my selfishness.. I hope I can make it up to you someday..

***Posted from the HEART, hoping you’d be BLESSED!

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I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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