Maya in the City (2)

Yup, I saw another one this morning. I would’ve said it’s the same one, coz it seem to have taken off the same spot as the one I saw yesterday. So, there it was, and it was like God telling me, “I meant for you to smile today, my child..”

And so I did… It’s like I’m high! I hope the Happy Vibes don’t wear off..

I got to pour a tumbler full of coffee from the pantry today. At first, upon seeing that the coffee maker is still brewing, I thought I’ll be waiting until its done so I can fill my tumbler. But lo and behold, there was already a coffee-filled pot on the warmer, which my other officemates saw. We thanked the help for doing such a great job in brewing for us, anticipating that the morning brew’s gonna run out fast..

Then, God again spoke to me: “You are surrounded by my love and blessings. You need not search for it. Sometimes, you just need to notice it.

Thank You Lord for the great morning!

About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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