Where art thou my taxes?

It may seem to be too late to post anything about taxes. About how so few people even thought of pocketing billions acquired from hard earned money. Now, I’m not totally informed of the exact percentage being taken out of my monthly salary. But that doesn’t mean I don’t care enough to even try finding out where it goes…

Yes, the news tells you it was already spent to purchase enormous mansions, to organize the next “party of the year”, or on shoppings sprees. This is instead of using it to construct major roads, reconstruct houses that are destroyed by calamities, or allocating enough budget for education, food, or to better the poor’s welfare.

Yes, they report to you high positioned government officials getting involved. Or pseudo companies winning bids for projects that are overpriced. Or Individuals or Corporations getting allocations of the taxes collected.

Yes, it is definitely unfair, that the people getting the benefit from the taxes from hard earned money, are most of the time those who don’t need so much of it. It is unfair that only a few (chosen) are able to have comfortable lives, leaving those who are victimized homeless, with no proper supervision.

So what can we do? Wait and pray?!
Well, why not…

To be continued.. sleepy blogger…

About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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