Kilig or not kilig

I couldn’t concentrate much on my reading because I was beside 3 girls in fast food restaurant talking about relationships. 2 girls were at the chairs beside those opposite mine, one girl was almost beside me.

I think they were talking about another girl who got into a relationship, but wasn’t giddy about the relationship anymore. Then they went on to define the difference between hanging out with a potential guy friend and a potential boyfriend. I was so fidgety in my seat, they would’ve mistaken me to be eavesdropping (which is somehow the case..)

At one point of that 10-15minute conversation, I wanted to just barge in and contradict their views about love. It was so silly! I’m not saying that I’m so experienced already, or that I’m an expert, but I felt like I was beside a couple of highschool kids, when they could be in their mid-, if not early 20’s..

They talk about love like it’s candy. It’s sweet, never gooey, never yucky, and can be bought anywhere. They must have missed the facts that if candy isnt chewy, then it’s hard; that it doesn’t only come in sweet flavors, as there are also sour once, spicy ones, and some bitter at first.

Hay basta, it’s so silly!! Why did I even bother listening to them. One said that there should be kilig with a guy to consider him as boyfriend-material.. and I was like, what?!?!

Heck! Whatever.. hahahahaha!

About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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