Simply Amazing… :)

No, it’s not about a Telecom who used to have this as their tagline..

I am talking about the wonderful things that God has bestowed and has been showing me, since I embraced that thing called “Self-employment”. I would say that I haven’t really earned as much as I used to, but hey, I’m only 4 days in the job. But the opportunities are so limitless! Ideas are overflowing, the energy is there, the love is just overwhelming… God is simply amazing!

Not only is God nourishing my source of Finances, but he is also enriching my relationships! I get to watch TV and have lunch with my parents. I get to see my friends anytime. Yeah, I don’t have Facebook mobile to communicate constantly with those who are abroad,  but who needs it when I can just go to wherever they are and enjoy a cup of coffee and a few laughs? Yeah I don’t have my car, but I would surely use all that free time not behind a wheel to sleep or think of other ideas to be productive, or just read a good book! Which reminds me, I’m not done with “Blood of Olympus”, and a new book is out. waaaahh!!!

Overall, I am truly enjoying it this early in my Self-employment career. I am so looking forward to projects, to prospects turned clients, to new relationships, to new businesses… Bring it on Lord!!!


About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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