I am where I’m supposed to be..

It’s been two weeks. Since I left my last corporate stint, I brought with me several ounces of excitement, of hope, of that feeling of freedom. And two weeks after, I am feeling like I’m depleting the rest of these resources.

I looked at my love tank, which still seems full to the brim. But the love gauge wasn’t moving. I am stuck. I am not moving. I am staying still.

I somehow asked the Lord, where are those people You wanted me to help? Where are those projects You wanted me to take part on? Why am I, just here? I am bothered by the seeming fact that I am not living out my life’s purpose. That I am not fulfilling my mission.

Then, this soft voice whispered: “You are where you ought to be.”

And then, went on… “You have been busy. You have been preoccupied with so many things. You wanted to know so much. You wanted to fill yourself with knowledge, with wisdom, understanding, comprehension. You wanted to be trained. You wanted to experience stuff. But you were so in a hurry..”

Your love tank is full to the brim. And when something is full to the brim, every sporadic movement will cause some of that love to spatter. Your love droplets might just go to stuff that wouldn’t matter, because they were all done just for the moment. No follow through. No life-changing there.

Let’s plan together. Be still and let Me do the working. Find rest in Me. Talk to Me more. Let’s discuss your dreams, your purpose, your concerns. Let’s spend some more time together. Just You and Me.”

Then I just found myself saying, “Yes, Lord..”

I am in the right place. This is the right time to focus on You. I no longer have the excuses I used to make, like I’m too busy, or I still have some other things to do. Yes, Lord. I am free to do what I want to do now! And I want to do them with You!


About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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