You plan a lot of things in life.

As for me, I had 14 days to think things through and talk to God about it, until I decided to leave a company I’ve spent 4yrs of my life in. I knew the things I were giving up, but I also knew what I’d gain.

Then, there’s about 13 months to plan for a wedding. Although things just really started running 6 months before. I wasn’t really too demanding on how the wedding day would turn out, as I was also thinking about how the after-wedding would go. Stuff like living arrangements and money management were things I was busy preparing also for.

Of course, God has His own plans.

When we chose our wedding date, we only chose it for “aethetics”. It was 11-13-15, consecutive odd numbers. It was Friday the 13th, and being God’s children and servants, we didn’t believe in superstitions and definitely did not see this as an unlucky day to tie the knot. Of course, we wanted it on a Friday to have a longer weekend, and also to somehow test who’s willing to take a leave from work and celebrate the special day with us.

But this is what we didn’t plan…

When we set the date, we didn’t plan on having a baby right after. The usual thing is that we would first spend the first few months on our own, enjoy each other’s company. Learn each other’s quirks while under the same roof, that sort of stuff. I think we had that. But that’s a different story.

During our wedding night, I was fertile. I did not anticipate that when we set our wedding date 13 months before. I didn’t not calculate my cycle to check when would my last period be when we were planning our wedding. I did not even visit my OB to know if I’m in perfect health to get pregnant.

So, we have conceived Sofia Beatrice during our honeymoon period. But I have been forming her since October 26, because apparently, they count the number of weeks starting on the first day of my last period. God blessed us with the life that was in my womb. I was 32, and they said that women in their 30s have difficulty conceiving. But I didn’t! No need for any medication, no condition that hindered the pregnancy. God planned that.

And I knew that during those times that my pregnancy became difficult, God had a purpose for that. Those “anytime sicknesses,” the pukes despite an empty stomach, the lying on one side for weeks, the abstinence from salmon sashimi (yeah, that was difficult), the gestational diabetes and the need to monitor my sugar and inject insulin..

Those definitely made me want to love my Baby even more, even before she arrived.

And now, she’s turning a year old in less than a month, and I just know that after all this planning for her birthday celebration, God has already planned the provisions we would need by then. He has even planned how our daughter would turn out when she grows up. And He has already planned the kind of parents JC and I would be in the coming years. 😄😄😄

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I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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