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Fuel and Vehicle

Fresh from the Feast, I am in constant search and confirmation of what my dream and purpose is, and what I can do to achieve it. Continue reading

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Calling out for You

Staring blanky at the ceiling Hoping my thoughts would get through It’s one way of letting you know That i need so much of you And if this night is not peaceful And i sleep with heavy dreams Would tomorrow … Continue reading

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Hearing A Busy Tone

Don’t you just hate it? You dial a number, then you get a busy tone? A waste of time dialing. Another number to redial a few minutes or a few hours after. Thank God for speaker phones and hands-free options … Continue reading

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in my 27th year…

It’s 2011. In October, I’ll 28 on the 28th. But from October 28, 2010 to October 27, 2011, I am 27 years old. So what is so significant in my 27th year that I have to point these things out? … Continue reading

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