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Who God is for me…

It’s just hard to really grasp everything that God is to me… Continue reading

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Maya in the City (2)

God’s blessings should be recognized.. Thank You Lord for just letting them sit there.. hahaha! Continue reading

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Fuel and Vehicle

Fresh from the Feast, I am in constant search and confirmation of what my dream and purpose is, and what I can do to achieve it. Continue reading

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Calling out for You

Staring blanky at the ceiling Hoping my thoughts would get through It’s one way of letting you know That i need so much of you And if this night is not peaceful And i sleep with heavy dreams Would tomorrow … Continue reading

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Let God meet you where you are

(Perhaps an edited version of this blog, if not the same, was published on the Feast Bicutan bulletin last July 6, 2013.) The past week has been such a stressful one for me. I came to the Feast with a … Continue reading

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My Therapy

After the Third Talk of the series on “Jesus In Blue Jeans,” I have now found another way to communicate with my God: through writing. Writing does not necessarily mean composing a moving novel, or a romantic poem, or an … Continue reading

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Project 52, week 2: Desserts

So far, this week has been my most stressful. Apart from nursing a clogged and runny nose, I had to facilitate Lessor communications for 2 stores. This is aside from my usual letter-writing, store concern answering, phone call entertaining, daily … Continue reading

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